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True Unity

Jesus name

The Name of Unity


They May Be One and True Unity


 They May Be One

In Jn. 17:6 Jesus said He “manifested Your name” to those given to Him or showed them who God is. The name carries with it the character of the one possessing it. Vs. 11b: “Holy Father, keep them in Your name, the name which You have given Me, that they may be one even as We are.”

The name that keeps us has to do with being His adopted sons and His Bride. There is a oneness in both relationships, but especially the bridal relationship. So, the oneness of the Trinity becomes something we enjoy with God.

They May Be One As We Are

In our enjoyment of God, we can and should experience oneness with others who are one with God. We can tell the genuineness of the faith of others if they set their heart to be one with Him. Then we will experience oneness with others that comes from God. Therefore, the oneness we experience and the oneness of another witness of the genuine faith coming to those who walk with God. This is unity that comes from God. He is one God yet three expressions. There is no contradiction in God because “they may be one as We are.”

Godly Alliances

Trusting the wrong people and betrayal now have answers. When we make knowing God our number one priority, as He sets us free from other lovers, we become one with Him. This keeps us from alliances that are bad for us. Whereas once we aligned ourselves with those who hide agendas beneath a veneer of Godliness, now we do not. So, our closeness to God trains us to recognize subterfuge. Jesus could recognize those who were not genuine because He walked with the Father. “They may be one as we are.”

Walking with God

Verse 18 “As You sent Me into the world, I also have sent them into the world.” He sends us to walk as He walked. This includes oneness with Him, wisdom from Him, His power to touch lives, His comfort and death to self, among others. Though others once seduced us by pretty words, our oneness with Him educates us to the characteristics of the counterfeit. He is always our answer, and we find every answer in Him alone answering His prayer that “they may be one.”

Hearing God’s Voice and Being His