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Once men would say, “Dance, dancer, dance.”

She danced and served and served and danced.

Joy was not in the dance, not in the slave’s dance.

Now she is set free to dance for the King,

set free from hard servitude.

Dance, dancer, dance.

Dance with joy, the joy of the bride,

not the obligation of the slave.

Dance, dancer, dance.

There are victories to be won

for the King of Love.

Dance, dancer, dance.

Listen to the Great Choreographer,

and dance the dance He has written for you.

No other dance will do.

As you dance before His love banner

the enemy is pushed back.

He cannot withstand your beauty.

He cannot overcome your joy.

He cannot stop your love.

Your feet dance on the high places of the earth.

You scale the places that other feet cannot go.

You are being watched by those

who cannot believe, you would be so loved.

They want to know that what you know,

is possible.

So, dance, dancer, dance and win for Your Love,

the desire of His heart.

The company of dancers in the earth

that shine like the sun.

©2013 Debra Webster

Now Dance!


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