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How to Pray and Reach Heaven

Perhaps you feel you know how to pray and reach heaven. I would suggest that since prayer is integral to intimacy with Christ, we can always learn.

1. Most of us are familiar with supplication. This is a prayer asking the Lord for various things. Scripture tells us if we ask in the will of God, we will receive.

a divided heart with the past and God holding on to a piece.

The Battle that Causes Our Suffering

a. How do we know God’s will?

Knowing God’s will is a process. As we pray and listen, we learn in time to discern His voice. The difficulty is there are two other voices. One is our own will, the other is the enemy. The enemy already has our ear.

There are many attitudes and thoughts we have that come from or are influenced by him. It takes a lifetime to get free. There is no freedom without suffering, and often amid suffering we are finally desperate enough to hear God’s voice I have learned if I listen in the Secret Place of His presence I will not need the suffering. Much I suffered was because I was not listening and chose my own way and the other guy influenced my prayer and desires.

What a mess we make when we do not seek God crying out for His will rather than ours. Ironic that we blame Him when it was on us. Yes, we think we know how to pray and reach heaven and often we think we know God’s will.

b. Listening is a Part of Prayer.

So, listening is risky. Our will or the enemy can get in there. What do we do? There are no shortcuts to hearing. The more pure our heart the more accurate our heavenly guidance.

So, a pure heart is imperative. Oops, that just let a lot of us out. I was a mess when I came to Christ. I learned to hear well, but it took a lot of suffering and 40 years. We can shorten that time if we have mentors in our lives helping us, thus we have this group.

When we suffer if we will press in to God, He is there. As we connect with Him, we find Him more than enough. The answers we need pale compared to Him. This is the grand purpose of suffering.

Know this, He is in the darkness with you: He is in the confusion, misunderstanding, broken relationships, shame, fear and anything else that happens. If you can not feel Him or He seems absent, He is there. Listening is a part of prayer just like a conversation has two sides. If you will run to Him no matter how you feel, you can take decades off your suffering.

Hear me; you are His warts and all. He loves you. Listen to His call to you:

Song 2:14 “O my dove, in the clefts of the rock,

In the secret place of the steep pathway,

Let me see your form, Let me hear your voice;

For your voice is sweet, And your form is lovely.”

On our worst most ugly day, this is His call. Will you run to Him rather than away? I wasted decades running away. You connected with this ministry so you can save decades. I learned a lot about the wrong way to grow and even more about the correct way to grow.The Bridegroom awaits His ready bride. What will you do during suffering?

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