Helping the Bride Grow and Get Ready for the Bridegroom.

Helping the Bride Grow and Get Ready for the Bridegroom
God Holds Us as He Fashions Us Into His Image

Our Vision

This website has just one theme, to help the bride grow and get ready for her Bridegroom God. Everything written here will help in this growth. If someone would like to submit an article, they think would be of help I will consider it as long as it follows this theme.

The Story of God Helping the Bride Grow and Get Ready for Her Bridegroom God

God prepared this ministry for today through 40 difficult years of suffering as God shaped the clay this way and that. He collapsed the vessel in His hands many times and began again until He told this clay what shape it must be. Like Jeremiah I often felt betrayed by God, but now suffering’s purpose makes sense and I learned to embrace it. This shaping was, God helping this bride grow and get ready for the Bridegroom. Suffering changes us to be more like Christ and brings us to God’s purpose in ministry and or life.

Debra Webster
A Vessel Remade by God

Debra Webster


Author, Blogger and Servant of The Most High God and one still on the potter’s wheel.

Forty years in the wilderness is God’s way. If we argue with Him about it He wins. I argued even before I knew it would be so long. He won the argument and I am so glad He did. He is God. I had to learn and still am learning that. How good that He knows us, expects it and does not move with our complaints. ┬áHe just is and therefore I am.

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