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Hearing the Voice of God in Chaos

Chaos-a woman with swirling colors for a head.

Hearing the Voice of God In Chaos

Hearing the Voice of God In Chaos


Bits and pieces of life
come floating through my mind.
One of God and one not,
Oh, Lord, help me find
the way to you,
the way for which you purchased me.

Which bit? Which piece?
Father, heal my blindness
that I might see.

Cause me to know your upward way
moving ever toward your throne.
That my redemption now complete
I would be your very own.

Your face I long for;
your glory I would see;
that I might understand all that you are,
and all that you ever will be.

Your sovereignty I will not trifle with,
but bow unto your will.
I stop struggling in your hand,
and remain very still.

Bring forth oh, God, your life and light;
dispel the darkness and death.
I bow before your way oh, Lord,
my God who gives me breath.

Come forth in me, come forth in me
my heart now breaking cries!
Now you forever my portion be;
lift me to the skies,
to the place of rest,
the place of peace,
the place of your mighty throne.

It happened! At long last it’s done,
and now I am forever your own.

© 1986 Debra Webster

Hearing the Voice of God In Chaos

Bits and Pieces

Bruce sat at the river’s edge, his feet dangling in the water eyes staring. “How do I go on, God? I am so confused. I was sure you lead me, but it’s obvious now, I allowed her to deceive me.”
“Rachel was the woman of my dreams. How could she cheat on me with my best friend and then another man? And now she lives three thousand miles away with yet another man. How can I trust what I hear? What if my desires deceive me? How do I trust anyone, he sobbed as he buried his face in the grass?”
An hour later Bruce lay in the grass spent. The wind caressed his face refreshing his swollen eyes and broken heart. “How do I hear God’s voice in chaos?”
“Why are you crying?”
As Bruce sat up he answered, “I was so sure that what I wanted was your will. Now it’s gone.”
“Was it good for you or valuable?”
“It seemed to be. In the end, it was worthless.”
“Then letting it go is freeing. What do you believe now?”
“I know you are God.”
“That is enough to begin. Are you ready now to learn obedience? Are you ready to learn the only necessary thing?”
“Lord I am ready to learn obedience. I do not want this lesson again. But what is the only necessary thing?”
“That is simple. Knowing me is the only thing necessary. If you know me, you have everything. Let my word teach you. Let it replace your way of thinking and reveal me.”
Bruce thought of God’s words. “God, forgive me. I made my desires necessary. Help me obey and find you the only thing I need. Help me replace my thoughts and desires with the truth of your word and will and show others who you are through my life.”

Commit today to make the Lord the only necessary thing. Over the years replace the lies you believe with His word.

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