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Hearing God’s Voice and Being His

Walking with God, hearing God’s voice and being His while learning from His word is exciting and life changing. We miss much restoration if we do not engage with His word and speaking voice. Because of my childhood I struggled with hearing God’s voice.
I grew up in a home where dad was mad a lot.The picture illustrates my young life.
Shame and accusation and hearing God's VoiceI I I fought back after a while because I felt the injustice of being treated this way. This means I learned to express anger and accusation against others, but only in my home. A very tender heart offset this. Those who did not live with me saw a tender heart. My husband after I married saw both, and this confused him.
Over many years, God set me free from this terrible anger. I was learning the truths of hearing God’s voice and being His.
Then my assistant and I hired people who felt they could just blast us with anger over work issues To top this we hired a woman who acted viciously and would not take instruction without rebelling. We went to Human Resources and asked what we could do. HR gave us with rules for coaching meetings in our office. We did our best to carry out these with mixed success.We were bullied. This made it hard to hear God’s voice.
The word bully with other words written on it.

Many People Are Easily Bullies

It was in the middle of this that I learned I got angry, confused and did not know what to do when people treated me this way. This was not acceptable to me. I also felt hurt, since I do all I can to adapt what we do to the needs of each employee. I go above and beyond for all of them.
One day in my quiet time with God, He spoke and changed everything. “You feel your own pain.” When He said this, I knew He meant the pain I felt was not from Him, but I chose it. “I brought you broken people to work for you so you might learn how people really are.”
The word real. Hear the Voice of God.

Many of Our Thoughts are Not Real

Boy, did He ever. Yelling at us was a problem, but betrayal, rebellion, lying, gossip and many other things were a bigger problem. When God said this to me, I could see the faces of these difficult people and understood what He was doing. Each came with a different style, but the main challenge was the same. How do I not take pain from their actions?

God gave me broken people who were hurtful so I could learn how people are. He was curing me of my overly tender heart. Sometimes we show too much mercy, and it hurts us and others. God’s balances His mercy with His correction. We need this balance to raise healthy children and to oversee people.
Then He said, “Think of yourself as being in a science lab. You do experiments and observe outcomes. I want you to observe and be.” Understanding dawned at once about what He was doing. He wanted me to observe people’s actions but take no pain from it, no matter what they did or said. So hearing God’s voice and being His were His instructions.
Microscope to Observe/Hearing the Voice of God and Being

Observe and Hear the Voice of God

He calls us to be in Him. Most of the time I “be” in Debra. Debra has faults. When I find my being in Him and let Him flow or live through me, the outcomes are supernatural. So, He was calling me to observe people and be in Him. This did not change what people were doing, but it changed me.
Woman Being in Christ by Hearing the Voice of Gody

Be His and Let Him Move Through You

There is a common thread in the things I have posted for the last few months. That thread is hearing the voice of God. We hear Him in scripture, through sermons, through books written about Him, and we hear Him speak to our heart. We cannot hear Him if we do not spend time with Him. When we put aside busyness and make time with Him, our priority, His voice can change us, and we need changing. Will you engage with Him who died so He could have an intimate relationship with you?
Bride and Groom/Being His
Great mystery
One who loves
so much
He dies to set us free
from ourselves and others
so we might be His
only His.
Do You Struggle With Hearing God’s Voice?
Hearing Daily and in Detail