Hearing and Obeying the Voice of God

Why is hearing and obeying the Voice of God so important?

If we cannot hear Him there is no intimacy with Him. If we do not obey what we hear in time, He will quit speaking, again no intimacy.

When a new believer I committed to Him that I wanted to know Him as He is not as men say He is. I told Him if He had to drag me kicking and screaming to know Him He had permission. He took me up on my offer. There are big tracks behind me from dragging me. I did a lot of kicking and screaming too. None of it knocked Him off His throne. In fact, the result built His throne in my life.

We need increasing intimacy because we don’t know what is good for us. We resist because be think we know best.

Now think about it. We know better than God?? Really? That shows how deluded we are and how much we need to meet with Him, hear Him and learn to obey because He knows best. We need connection, real connection with a Holy God.

If you are new to this, just take the next step. If you are seasoned, your next steps will be bigger and lead to bigger things.

A further thought. Hearing His voice is about Lordship.

We need to get off the throne and let Him sit there. Believing He is God is not enough. The demons believe that and tremble. A true believer has committed to his Lordship even if they don’t live it 100% of the time. Think of being dragged kicking and screaming. I was committed, but not able to submit yet.

golden crown
He is the King, not us.

Perhaps today is the day you need to commit to His Lordship for the first time. Or perhaps today is the day to renew that commitment you made decades ago.

Further thought number 2. The result of this life is a peaceful heart that walks with God and shows forth His glory in the earth. This person has connection with the Lord of Glory. Selah.

hand holding the world
Only God Governs Our World, Surrender.

Hearing God’s Voice

Hearing the Voice of God in Chaos

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