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You Want Me to Say What? Why Connection With God Takes Courage

Connection and Courage

Have you ever had God tell you to do something that seemed crazy. I have. And it did not turn out well, but I now know that I obeyed the will of God.To listen and obey is our highest calling after knowing the Lord intimately. Connection with God takes courage and love because the outcome is God’s not ours..

On one occasion I felt strongly impressed that God was saying, “The enemy is at the gate.” When I obeyed God and shared this with leadership, they were angry. Two days later they came to my house and accused me of many negative attitudes, among them that I cooked this up on my own.

My husband told them I did not know what it meant, but I was praying about it. As I prayed about it I asked God what it meant? He said, “What is the gate?” I replied, “The place where the leaders sit. As I said this I understood the leader’s anger. The leaders were doing something God was not happy about. I did not understand what this was. The next day a flyer arrived in the mail from David Wilkerson’s ministry. Its title was, “The Enemy is at the Gate”.  I connected and He and I communicated. Then I obeyed. God confirmed that I did His will.

So, what were the leaders doing?

They were leaving the church to start an itinerant ministry. This was a disaster that took the pastor out of ministry because God did not bless the pastor’s self-effort and God did not want him to do this. Thirty years later he was still not pastoring and bitter against God.

How sad that they did not listen. The other leader returned to a ministry that he had been in before and God blessed him.

God gives us His voice to help us know His will and to correct us when we move in self-will. Connection with God takes courage. May we so bend our will to His that He never needs to speak through another person, but if He does may we have ears to hear.

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Listening Does Not Require Technology When God is Speaking Book