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Come to the Lord With an Unveiled Face


veiled woman

“But we all with unveiled faces all reflect the Lord’s glory are being transformed into His glory with increasing likeness.” 2Cor. 3:18

  Hear the call.

Come to the Bridegroom with an unveiled face.  He desires you, to be known by you and fellowship with you.   He sets you free from sin, shame and fear and transforms you with His glory. Learn to trust Him, be vulnerable with Him and fulfill your destiny. How can you be ready for the Bridegroom? Do you know Him as you desire? You can. Join the quest to know God intimately. ​This website’s purpose is to help you come to know our Bridegroom God. Many write about God as Father, but few write or teach about the Lord’s role as Bridegroom.This may be because He saved some truth of this relationship for today.

Remove Veils of Shame and Fear and Come to the Bridegroom With Unveiled Face

When you come to the Bridegroom with an unveiled face, you will find out why you struggle with self-will, confusion, trust and knowing His love. Learn how to receive the love that will not let you go.​ The Bridegroom’s enraptured heart yearns for you. Remove the veils of shame and fear and come to know the love beyond knowing. Learn how to let His love capture you to be wholly His and fulfill your destiny.

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