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“But we all with unveiled faces all reflect the Lord’s glory are being transformed into His glory with increasing likeness.” 2Cor. 3:18

  Hear the call.

Come to the Bridegroom with an unveiled face.  He desires you, to be known by you and fellowship with you.   He sets you free from sin, shame and fear and transforms you with His glory. Learn to trust Him, be vulnerable with Him and fulfill your destiny.

How can you be ready for the Bridegroom? Do you know Him as you desire? You can. Join the quest to know God intimately.

​This website’s purpose is to help you come to know our Bridegroom God. Many write about God as Father, but few write or teach about the Lord’s role as Bridegroom.This may be because He saved some truth of this relationship for today.

Remove Veils of Shame and Fear and Come to the Bridegroom With Unveiled Face

When you come to the Bridegroom with an unveiled face, you will find out why you struggle with self-will, confusion, trust and knowing His love. Learn how to receive the love that will not let you go.​ The Bridegroom’s enraptured heart yearns for you. Remove the veils of shame and fear and come to know the love beyond knowing. Learn how to let His love capture you to be wholly His and fulfill your destiny.

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Helping The Bride Get Ready

Helping The Bride Get Ready
The Cross Paved the Way for Intimate Fellowship

The End of Days Are Our Invitation to an Intimate Relationship With God.

Calvary started it. It was the beginning of the end. The signs are there. God is fulfilling prophecy, and God’s people play an important part.

Many write on the beast, the false prophet, the crazy, scary end time judgements and what each verse of Revelation and other biblical sources mean. This is okay, but not the most important end time point.

We explain these end time things scores of different ways. But where are God’s people learning about the bridal relationship? This relationship began in Genesis when God said, “Let us make man.” Because of Christ’s great love this bridal relationship never ends but continues for eternity. He desires you.

The Divine Romance

This site examines the divine romance from many angles. God conceived the divine romance before Genesis. (Eph. 1:4) So, something this important to God should be important to those He draws into this amazing relationship. Come to the Bridegroom with an unveiled face for this is where we come to know Him intimately.

Curiosity Keeps the Church from Maturity

If you search for books that discuss the bride’s readiness, you will find next to nothing. Yet, you will find many books on the Antichrist and his actions. We want to know how things will end, all too often because we fear these events. The end of God’s book according to scripture is about the bride not the beast or the Antichrist.  “The Spirit and the bride say come.” Revelation 22:17 and Revelation 19-22 tells us, “His bride has made herself ready.” So, nowhere at the end of Revelation do we see the Antichrist and his cohorts.

History is for the Bride

Will you join me on the journey? The Bridegroom awaits.

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Leaning on Her Lover

Leaning on Her Lover
Seek Him early, seek Him daily.

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Author Debra with daughter Crista

Debra and daughter Crista

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